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At Château le Puy we practice ‘organic’ and ‘biodynamic’ viticulture, a modern way of saying that we tend the vines just as our grandfathers did: no chemical fertilisers, no herbicides and no artificial insecticides. During the harvests we take particular care to ensure that the grapes are not crushed before they reach the winery. There is thus practically no oxidation of the must before fermentation begins. We also avoid adding any extra yeasts or sugars.


After fermentation the wines are transferred to oak casks and barrels for maturing. This stage can take up to two years, during which time the wine is frequently pumped over, with fining where necessary. We taste every barrel once a week to keep track of the wine’s development.

When the time comes to bottle the wines, we ensure that the process takes place in the middle of the lunar cycle and without any filtration. The bottles are corked and protected by a wax seal.

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