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The winemaking expertise of the Amoreau family is reflected in the innovations made by successive generations, with a creativity fit to match the ancestral knowledge accumulated over centuries.

Some of the most notable innovations of the last century :

 > 1921 : Jean introduced the technique of 100% de-stemming to produce wines using only the best, most aromatic grapes.

> 1934 : Robert reverts to more traditional winemaking practices, and a fermentation process with submerged cap and enhanced extraction.

> 1990 onwards: Jean Pierre and Pascal begin researching ways of maturing their wines without adding sulphites. Their wines are created using only the finest grapes, painstakingly selected, and without any added sulphites, sugars or yeasts during the fermentation process. They are matured for 24 months with no sulphur dioxide, with regular stirring in the barrel scheduled according to the lunar calendar (biodynamic maturing). This minute attention to detail allows us to produce wines which require neither filtration nor fining, wines with remarkable qualities in their youth and the potential to mature and develop over many years. These new techniques have been in application since the 1998 vintage, producing wines which are an ‘Authentic Expression of our Terroir.’

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