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Produced from the fruit of Semillon vines planted on a special hillside, where the November fog creeps up slowly in the early hours to enshroud the grapes and nurture the noble rot which transforms the grapes. The grapes of Sémillon which ultimately produce the Marie-Elisa are harvested in several stages to ensure optimal maturity. They are then pressed gently, with the juices left to ferment for 2 to 3 years in traditional barrels. The wine is bottled without filtering, and with no added sulphites.

The robe is golden, while the nose exhales elegant aromas of quince jelly, thyme honey and wild flowers. The bouquet will grow in stature and complexity as the wine ages, leading the connoisseur on a journey of discovery through a rich forest of flavours. Marie-Elisa is remarkable above all else for its sumptuous aromatic intensity. The palate is equally delicate and refined, matching intensity of flavour with an elegance and aromatic complexity which reach their apogee in the crisp finish. Marie-Elisa is a little marvel, a truly exceptional wine which is guaranteed to provide a moment of intense gustatory pleasure.

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