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With the carousel element you can display a lot of content in a limited space, and in an interactive way.

It can display any HTML content and shortcodes, is mobile (swipe) friendly, and gracefully falls back if JavaScript is disabled so your content will not be hidden.

[mixt_headline]Basic Example[/mixt_headline][mixt_carousel settings= »auto » ui_settings= »nav,dark-nav,eqslides »]

This is a carousel element

It can contain images or any other HTML content, and even shortcodes!


This is the second slide


Final slide

Phew, I was running out of things to write!

[/mixt_carousel][mixt_headline]Features[/mixt_headline][mixt_iconlist][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Can display any HTML content, including shortcodes, as well as images[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Slides can be plain or bordered[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Horizontal or vertical orientation[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Control transition effect (slide or fade)[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Set the carousel to autoplay, loop, and also set the delay between slides[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Control whether to display the navigation arrows and the pagination bullets[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Equalize the height of all slides or let the carousel expand and contract to suit the content[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Control how many slides are visible at once for large, medium and small screen sizes[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »green »]Open a custom link or display the carousel images in a lightbox when a slide is clicked[/mixt_iconlist_item][/mixt_iconlist][mixt_headline]Image Example[/mixt_headline][mixt_carousel type= »img » settings= »loop » items= »3″ items_tablet= »2″ ui_settings= »nav » action= »lightbox » images= »634,631,625,622,606″ img_size= »full »][/mixt_carousel]
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