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The form element will help you easily create contact forms and any other type of form. Add as many fields as you want, make them required, arrange them with drag and drop and set their width in columns. Hook the form into any backend function by setting a custom action. You can also choose how the labels are displayed (at the top, on the side, or hidden).

[mixt_headline]Example[/mixt_headline][mixt_form button= »color:black » btn_text= »Do Nothing »][mixt_field cols= »col-sm-6″ id= »form-field-1″ label= »Text field »][mixt_field cols= »col-sm-6″ id= »form-field-2″ label= »Text field (required) » required= »true »][mixt_field type= »textarea » id= »form-field-3″ label= »Textarea »][mixt_field type= »checkbox » id= »form-field-4″ label= »Subscribe me to over 100 spammy newsletters! » required= »true »][/mixt_form][mixt_headline]Features[/mixt_headline][mixt_iconlist][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Text, password, textarea and checkbox field types[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Customize submit button width, color and size[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Create any number of layouts by setting the number of columns for each field[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Hook into any handler function with the action setting, contact form handler included[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Make fields required, set the label text and position (top, left or hidden) as well as the placeholder text[/mixt_iconlist_item][/mixt_iconlist][mixt_headline]Log In Example[/mixt_headline][mixt_form form_type= »custom » labels= »none » btn_text= »Log In »][mixt_field cols= »col-sm-4″ id= »username » placeholder= »Username » required= »true »][mixt_field type= »password » cols= »col-sm-4″ id= »password » placeholder= »Password » required= »true »][/mixt_form]
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