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Icon lists are perfect for displaying features, services, or otherwise any type of items in a spiced up, stylish list. Choose from several icon sizes, colors and background shapes. Icons can be aligned on the left or the right side.

[mixt_headline]Example & Features[/mixt_headline][mixt_iconlist][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Several icon styles and background shapes[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Customize icon color, size and alignment[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Add animations to icons on hover for an interactive effect[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Use icon from icon fonts or even a custom image[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Animate items when they become visible with awesome, eye-catching effects[/mixt_iconlist_item][/mixt_iconlist][mixt_headline]More Examples[/mixt_headline][mixt_iconlist][mixt_iconlist_item icon_bg= »accent »]Plain icon on the left[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item align= »right » icon_style= »icon-solid icon-rounded » icon_bg= »green » icon_anim= »anim-invert anim-fall »]Rounded, animated icon on the right[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_style= »icon-outline icon-circle » icon_color= »black » icon_bg= »black » icon_size= »icon-sm »]Small circle outlined icon[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item align= »right » animation= »bounceIn » icon_fontawesome= »fa fa-bomb » icon_bg= »accent » icon_size= »icon-xl »]Animated item with big icon[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_type= »image » icon_bg= »green » image= »12″]Image icon[/mixt_iconlist_item][/mixt_iconlist]
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