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Review elements are great for displaying user reviews or testimonials for your products, services, or company in general. There are many styles to choose from, and each element can be customized in-depth.

[mixt_headline]Example[/mixt_headline][mixt_review style= »quote » layout= »left » image_style= »image-rounded » name= »Clark Atwood » title= »Reviewer » image= »503″]Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.[/mixt_review][mixt_headline]Features[/mixt_headline][mixt_iconlist][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Several styles to choose from – plain, boxed, speech bubble and quote[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Include the reviewer’s photo, name, title/position and website[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Choose where to display the reviewer’s info, even the image alignment[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Several image styles to choose from[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Can be animated once it becomes visible[/mixt_iconlist_item][/mixt_iconlist][mixt_headline]More Examples[/mixt_headline]
[mixt_review style= »boxed » boxed_color= »green » image_halign= »right » image_style= »image-circle image-border » image_border_color= »blue » animation= »bounceIn » name= »Boxed Review » title= »Boxed Reviews, Inc » image= »500″]Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media growth strategies.[/mixt_review][mixt_review style= »bubble » bubble_color= »white » layout= »right » image_style= »image-rounded » animation= »zoomIn » name= »Custom Colors » title= »Colors Unlimited, Ltd. » image= »501″ styler= ».styler-6Xm7qy9{background-color: #f2dcbc;color: #a86e23;border-color: #dd9933;} »]Globally incubate standards compliant channels before scalable benefits. Quickly disseminate superior deliverables whereas web-enabled applications.[/mixt_review]
[mixt_review style= »bubble » bubble_color= »black » layout= »bottom » image_style= »image-rounded » animation= »zoomIn » name= »Speech Bubble Review » title= »Arrow Target » web= » » image= »502″]Seamlessly visualize quality intellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea-sharing.[/mixt_review][mixt_review layout= »bottom » image_style= »image-rounded » animation= »fadeIn » name= »Plain Review » title= »Why so stylish? »]Phosfluorescently engage worldwide methodologies with web-enabled technology. Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric « outside the box » thinking. Completely pursue scalable customer service through sustainable potentialities.[/mixt_review]
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