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The Social Icons element displays your social network links, with various styles and options. You can choose what links to display from the ones registered in the options panel.

[mixt_headline]Example[/mixt_headline][mixt_social style= »group » hover= »bg » profiles= »facebook,twitter,google+,linkedin,pinterest » color= » » btn_size= » » button= »color:default »][mixt_headline]Features[/mixt_headline][mixt_iconlist][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Display icons as plain links, buttons, button groups or as a nav menu[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Customize the button color and size[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Choose to color the background or the icon on hover[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Display all icons set in the options panel, or select just the ones you want[/mixt_iconlist_item][mixt_iconlist_item icon_color= »green » icon_bg= »accent »]Add as many custom social profiles as you want in the options panel, each with its own link, icon, color and tooltip text[/mixt_iconlist_item][/mixt_iconlist][mixt_headline]More Examples[/mixt_headline][mixt_social hover= »bg » profiles= »facebook,twitter,google+ » button= »color:red »][mixt_social style= »group » profiles= »facebook,twitter,google+ » button= »color:black,size:btn-xl »][mixt_social style= »plain » profiles= »facebook,twitter,google+,youtube,linkedin,instagram,pinterest,tumblr »]
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