Practical advice

An optimal experience

How should you open your bottle of le Puy ?

For more than 50 years, all our bottles have been sealed with wax. We use a wax which is sufficiently soft so as not to require “breaking”. Proceed as follows :

  1. Insert the corkscrew directly into the wax cap.
  2. Turn the corkscrew several times to ensure a good grip.
  3. Uncork with a firm, sharp tug.

Decant the wine for optimal enjoyment.

How should you decant your bottle of le Puy ?

If one of your bottles has sediment, you must decant your treasure into a carafe. Here’s how, in nine steps :

  1. Prepare an empty bottle or carafe, a kitchen funnel, a candle or light source and a pile of books or similar object.
  2. Take the bottle to be decanted from your cellar. Keep it horizontal, without rotating it. Take the bottle to your kitchen. Set the bottle down.
  3. Prevent the bottle from rolling. Twist the corkscrew into the cork. Pull out the cork about 3/4 of the way.
  4. Slowly place the bottle about 3/4 way upright, without rotating it. Remove the cork by hand. Wipe away any impurities on the neck of the bottle.
  5. Pour the wine very slowly into another receptacle as shown below. You should be able to see the flame of the candle through the wine. The wine must be perfectly transparent.
  6. Towards the end of the bottle, as soon as you see sediment in the wine through the flame, stop pouring immediately. Decantation is complete.
  7. Lift the bottle to avoid sediment falling into the decanted wine. Cork your bottle or decanter.
  8. Pour a little of the decanted wine into a glass. Examine its transparency and test its bouquet. If everything looks and smells good, you’ve done a great job.
  9. It’s time to enjoy your wine.

How to store your le Puy ?

Le Puy wines have proven ageing potential. To store your wine in optimal conditions, we recommend the following :

  • Store your bottles horizontally, to ensure the wine is in contact with the cork.
  • Store your bottles in a dark place, away from large variations in temperature. A constant 12 to 15 degrees is perfect.
  • If possible, your wine should be stored in an area with a certain degree of humidity. Do not store you wine in closed areas that are too dry.