Retour des Îles

A wine aged for several months
at sea during an Atlantic crossing


Retour des Iles was born of the desire to recreate the sensations British wine merchants must have experienced in the Middle Ages when, seeking out the most exquisite delicacies, they sampled wines that had crossed the seas.

We select four barrels of wine on our estate, for which we have detected a special potential that awaits its perfection. The barrels are loaded into the hold of a brigantine sail boat, to cross the Atlantic solely under the force of the winds.

During this eight-month crossing, our wine is subjected to the swell of the sea, iodine and variations in air pressure and temperature. The wine thus develops unique aromas and flavours, lending it a new and incomparable dimension.

It has a dense dark garnet robe and powerful aromas of very ripe red berries. Its palate is remarkably well-balanced, round and full-bodied, long and fleshy. It offers up an intense expression of fruit accompanied by supple and airy tannins. An explosion of flavours. This is an incredibly expressive wine with wonderful ageing potential.

Our food pairing suggestions for Retour des Iles :
. Roast pigeon
. Risotto with porcini mushrooms
. A chocolate dessert